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Bucas rain blanket 0 gram

Bucas is known for producing virtually indestructible blankets for blankets, as is the 0 gram Bucas rain blanket. What is meant by 0 grams? Of course, the fabric is never so light that it weighs 0 grams, but in practice, Bucas rain rugs of 0 grams mean that they are extremely light and therefore offer the horse as much freedom in its movements as possible. Bucas was founded in 1981 and uses the latest high-tech materials such as "ballistic nylon" and a special water-repellent lining that ensures fast drying.

What can I expect from the Bucas rain blanket 0 grams?

First of all, you can count on a 3-year warranty, because that is when all Bucas blankets are covered by a warranty. A horse cannot dress in the weather. The rain blanket helps to protect your horse against different kinds of precipitation (not just rain). The 0 gram Bucas turnout rug for your horse is therefore the perfect way to protect him against wind and weather. The water-repellent fabric keeps all forms of precipitation and also the wind away from the skin.