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Bucas Smartex extra

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Bucas smartex Extra

The Bucas Smartex Turnout Extra for the horse is one of the most versatile winter blankets you can find. It is available in a variety of colors, including brown, blue and black. The sizes vary, just like with a jacket for people, so that the ideal size for your horse will also be in between. Like most human garments, the Turnout Extra is machine washable (at 30 degrees Celsius). You can also purchase an extra and easy to attach piece for the neck of your horse.

What can I expect from the Bucas Smartex Extra?

What makes the blanket so unique? It features an overlapping front with a double padding, a patented "Snap-Lock" magnetic closure, an extremely soft padding at the shoulders (to prevent chafing) and gussets at the shoulders of the horse that do not restrict freedom of movement. The outer fabric is completely water-repellent and also breathable, so your horse will not feel like choking. Buying the Bucas Smartex Extra is ideal to help your horse through the winter by piloting.