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Exercise rugs come in several variants, and one you can choose is a Exercise Fly Rug. A horse can also be bothered by various types of insects while riding. Some of these are simply annoying, but others even sting your horse. These insect bites can lead to annoying bumps that start to itch. If your horse sits on this, it can lead to bumps. But your horse can also suffer from an allergy. In that case, you want to prevent insects from biting your horse at all. An exercise sheet against flies can help you with this.

What exactly does a fly sheet do?

Summer is the perfect time to go horse riding. Who knows, you may often make a forest ride with your horse. One drawback of summer is that this is also the time of year when a lot of insects decide to show their face again. These insects are more than happy to approach your horse. Of course, your horse can chase away a lot of insects, but they will come back over time. In addition, there are a number of insects that sting your horse. This leads to annoying bumps.

You can go out with your horse with peace of mind on the basis of a fly exercise blanket. On the way, the animal will be much less affected by insects. Fly riding blankets are light enough that your horse's body temperature never gets too hot, but at the same time they are thick enough that certain insects can no longer sting your horse. If you like to go out with your horse during the warmer days of the year, such a blanket is indispensable in your collection of horse equipment.