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Underblankets come in all kinds of weights, with an underblanket of 200 grams being an option. 200 gram underblankets have this weight for two reasons. First, the weight indicates the degree of filling of a blanket. The higher the weight, the thicker the filling and the more warmth the blanket gives to your horse. A 200 gram underblanket is average, in that regard. But horses also have preferences regarding the weight they want to carry. They feel a difference between 100 and 200 grams. For some horses, a 200 gram underblanket is the most comfortable.

How do you use a 200 gram underblanket?

An underblanket is mainly a supplement to another type of blanket. This often concerns rain blankets or winter blankets. These two types of blankets provide warmth by themselves, but sometimes this is not enough. An underblanket can then be used for extra warmth. In our range you will find under blankets with different types of fillings. The thicker the filling, the more warmth the underblanket provides. Nevertheless, these blankets are quite breathable.

An additional advantage of an underblanket is the fact that they ensure that your other blankets can last longer and are less subject to wear and tear. This is also a good reason to choose this type of blanket. Within our range you will find under blankets in many shapes and sizes. You are guaranteed high quality at a competitive price. You can also take advantage of our favorable customer conditions. For example, you do not have to pay shipping costs when you order for more than 49 euros.