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Magnetic blanket horse

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The effects that a magnetic blanket can have on a horse should not be underestimated. Magnetic blankets for horses belong to the category of therapy blankets. As the name of this type of blanket indicates, a horse magnetic blanket makes use of magnetic forces. These magnetic forces have a positive influence on the circulation of the blood. You will soon notice that your horse feels better and wants to move more.

The positive influence of a magnetic blanket on a horse

Above you have already read that the blood circulation of your horse is positively influenced by these types of blankets. A magnetic blanket for your horse has several positive consequences. Because the blood can flow better, your horse will want to move more. This is partly because moving is now a lot smoother and because your horse can now recover faster from moving. Muscles stay stiff for a shorter time and become stiff less quickly.

Stiffness is a common problem after a long ride. A magnetic blanket can prevent this. In addition, the improved circulation of the blood ensures that a horse can warm itself better during the colder months of the year. In short, magnetic blankets have many pleasant consequences. That is why these types of blankets are recommended for every horse. Within our range you will find many variants of the magnetic blanket. These are all of a high quality and available at a good price.