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QHP horse rugs

The horse rugs from MHS are suitable for horses with an underlength from 165 cm. With our wide range of horse rugs, there is always a horse rug that suits you.

QHP horse rug: a typically Dutch product

QHP is a Dutch brand located in Drachten. When you choose for a QHP horse rug you can be sure that the rug is prepared for the most changeable weather. QHP is known for being affordable and delivering quality at the same time. They do this by testing their products extensively and with strict rigor.

A QHP horse rug for every situation

There are different types of horse rugs and QHP offers a rug for every situation. The best way to make a choice out of all QHP horse rugs is to select a product by season. In the spring and fall you need a rain rug, a summer rug and a fly rug. In the winter there is a waterproof winter rug for outside and a stable rug for inside. There are also eczema rugs who protect your horse against insects who causes enormous allergic reactions of the skin. If you want to purchase a QHP horse rug, you will find a product for every situation you encounter as a horse lover.

This way you buy the best horse rug for you

When purchasing the QHP horse rug for you, you will have to keep a few things in mind. In addition to the fact that your QHP horse rug matches the season, it is also important that you purchase a rug that fits. QHP horse rugs are available in the most various sizes. You also wonder if your rug should be watertight, what it should look like and what the purpose is for your rug. If you answer those questions, you will automatically arrive at a QHP horse rug that meets your requirements.

Let us advise you

Are you just unable to figure it out and do you not know which horse rug to purchase? Then at MHS Equestrian we can help you make the right decision. Contact us to speak with one of our experienced employees.