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Sectolin horse rugs

The horse rugs from MHS are suitable for horses with an underlength from 165 cm. With our wide range of horse rugs, there is always a horse rug that suits you.

A Sectolin horse rug offers protection and durability

You can do many years with a good Sectolin horse rug. The rugs of the Chetaime line in particular are of particularly good quality. The quality of the Sectolin horse rugs is tested very extensively. If there is any improvement needed the rugs will not be send to the stores. If you have your eye on a horse rug Sectolin, you will find it at MHS Equestrian for sure!

A Sectolin horse rug for every season

Most people who have a horse buy a Sectolin Horse rug by season. For example, there are many flies in the spring and autumn and then a fly rug for your horse is very nice. These seasons are also quite changeable, but not particularly cold. A rain rug without filling is more than enough during this period. When your horse is sweaty after exercising you can use a driving rug. A driving rug transports the sweat of your horse its body and prevent your horse from cooling down to fast.

Also, there are waterproof rugs like rain rugs, winter rugs and outdoor rugs. Outdoor and winter rugs have filling to keep your horse warm during the cold winter days. When your horse is in the stable you can use a stable rug. These rugs also have a filling to keep your horse warm but are not waterproof!

Which rug is best for you?

So you can choose your Sectolin horse rug by looking at the season and the reason why you need the rug. If you want to go outside with it, a waterproof rug is not a bad choice, but if your horse stays inside with the rug, it is not necessary. Always make sure that you buy a rug in the right size, because otherwise your horse cannot move freely or there may be scrapes. And ultimately you naturally choose the Sectolin horse rug that suits your horse best.