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An under rug is always combined with another rug and offers extra warmth to your horse during cold winter days.

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An under blanket for your horse

An under blanket for your horse is always combined with another blanket. You place the under blanket directly on your horse and over it comes another type of blanket such as a stable rug, rain sheet or winter turnout.

Why an under blanket?

With under blankets, you can easily decrease and increase the thickness of your blankets in the spring or autumn. They also assist your horse with extra warmth on very cold winter days. The thickness of a blanket varies from 100 grams to 300 grams or even thicker.

An under blanket is also useful in that it's easy to wash. If you're using an under blanket, your winter blanket or rain blanket doesn't need to be washed as often, which reduces wear of the blanket coating.

Characteristics of an under blanket

An under blanket is made of breathable cotton or poly cotton. The blanket is usually shorter on the sides so that it stays underneath the outer blanket on all sides. This keeps the under blanket comfortable and does not get soiled too quickly. Also, this blanket does not always have double buckles and straps. You can also choose a removable type. That's a bonus for yourself with fewer fasteners to undo, but also comfortable for your horse not having to step through too many straps.

Plenty of choice at MHS

We offer a wide range of under blankets in our web shop, including BR and our own MHS quality brand.

For optimal wearing comfort, make sure that the blanket size fits your horse perfectly. In our size chart, we show you how to measure the size of your horse and which size suits your horse best.

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With the products in our web shop, you can always be sure of an optimal price/quality ratio. And because we understand your need to get your stuff home quickly, we make sure that products ordered before 17:00 are shipped the same day (if in stock).