Place a saddlepad under your saddle while riding and protect your saddle against dirt and sweat. You also prevent the saddle from sanding and causing skin irritations or pressures on the skin.

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The importance of a good saddle cover

You use a good saddle cover, also known as a tamper, to protect the underside of you from dirt and sweat. In addition, with a saddle cover you prevent the saddle from sanding, causing skin irritations or pressure on the skin.

Many saddle pads or stencils have a special inner lining that regulates and removes both moisture and heat.

Of course, a well-fitting saddle is essential, but a saddle cover adds that little bit of extra protection that is comfortable and comfortable for your horse.

Which saddle cover suits your horse?

There is a huge amount of choice in saddle covers. How do you choose the saddle cover that fits your horse? First of all it is important to look at the shape and size of your saddle. It is best if your saddle does not come into contact with your horse. The cover must therefore be long and wide enough.

To choose the right size, please refer to our size chart. In the size chart we show you how you can measure which saddle pad fits your horse. Are you still unable to figure it out? No problem. Our team is happy to talk to you and give you free advice.

Furthermore, it is important that your saddle cover has a good lining that ensures good moisture regulation. It is also useful when the sjabrak has saddle and girth loops to keep the cover properly in place. Even though it is a thin cover, it must be sturdy so that it does not wrinkle under the saddle. This can cause pressure spots on your horse.

Finally, it is useful if you can easily wash your saddle cover.

Saddle pads in various colors and patterns

In addition to all the useful properties of a saddle cover, you can also complete the "looks" of your horse. In our webshop you will also find saddle pads in all kinds of fresh colors and with nice patterns. Do you prefer basic? Then choose a saddle cover in simple white or black. In our shop you will undoubtedly find your favorite brand. We have saddle covers from, among others, QHP, BR, HB, Premiere and Harry’s Horse.