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For fans of western sports, a western saddle is an essential purchase. Within our wide range you will find all types of saddles you need, so you have also come to the right place for Western saddles at this online store. A western style saddle not only looks good, but also has a different quality compared to the various types of saddles you can choose from. Depending on your preferences and which sport you practice within the equine disciplines, a western saddle may be the saddle for you.

Why do you choose a western saddle?

This type of saddle stands out because the fit is completely different compared to saddles that are made for other disciplines within equestrian sports. However, there is a lot of variation possible within the fit. Please note that there is no shock-absorbing cushion, which makes finding the best fit for you and your horse even more important. You can keep an eye on various elements. You can think of elements such as the length of the saddle, the tree size, the balance, the twist, the rock and much more. Within our wide range there are many possibilities in the field of western saddles. Even if you are looking for suitable accessories for such saddles, this is the online shop for you. Everything you discover within our range is of a high quality. Where you normally have to pay the main price, our online store is known for its competitive prices. This provides an excellent price-quality ratio. Combine this with the favorable customer conditions, and you will understand why MHS Equestrian is your number 1 for horse equipment.