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An invaluable accessory for your saddle is a stirrup strap. As a horse rider, this accessory should simply not be missing from your arsenal of horse equipment. At MHS Equestrian you are always in the right place for all your horse stuff. You won't find the variation in types, sizes, colors, materials, brands and finishes anywhere else. In the field of stirrup leathers you will also find everything you need with us, at an excellent price-quality ratio.

What are the benefits of a stirrup strap?

If you want to order stirrup leathers, you've come to the right place. But why do you actually need a stirrup strap? The answer is simple: you need these straps to connect the stirrups to your saddle. These straps are also known as stirrup leathers or saddle stirrup leathers. You use a hook to make the connection. In terms of materials, you often have the choice between leather and plastic. Plastic is the cheaper variant, while leather is of a higher quality and therefore slightly more expensive. You will have to check plastic belts more regularly, while leather stirrup leathers are naturally more durable. Whatever you choose, you will receive the high quality products that you are used to from us. Nowhere else online you will find better prices than at our online store. Moreover, we do not hesitate to regularly provide our customers with a nice discount. The customer conditions are also in your favor. For example, the shipping costs are free when you spend 49 euros or more.