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To connect the stirrups to your dressage saddle, you will need to purchase dressage stirrup leathers. They are therefore indispensable accessories for anyone who practices dressage with his or her horse. Stirrup leathers for a dressage saddle are precisely tailored for this type of saddle. The great thing about the dressage stirrup leathers that you can buy from us is the fact that the choice is huge. Because our range is so large, the chances are considerable that you will find what you are looking for here. This is also the case if you are looking for a suitable dressage stirrup belt.

What types of dressage stirrup leathers can I choose from?

A dressage saddle is different from other saddles. What is particularly striking is that as a rider you sit a bit deeper and that the weight of the rider is more evenly distributed. This puts less pressure on the horse, so that it can move more freely while performing dressage. Dressage stirrup leathers are precisely tailored for this, so that these belts fit perfectly with such a saddle. Leather is the most popular material, but nylon is also a popular option. You hardly need to maintain this material and it is cheaper. Whatever type of stirrup belt you are looking for, you will find it within the wide range of MHS Equestrian. We are your all in one online shop for horse gear. Not only will you find high-quality products here, but you will also pay a low price for this. Also in terms of service, few are better than our shop. Firstly, you can always contact us for expert advice. Second, the conditions are pleasant for the customer.