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To keep your saddle clean and beautiful, it is recommended to grease the saddle regularly. In this category you will find everything you need to keep your saddle (and bridle) as new.

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Saddle additions

On this page you will find everything you need for the maintenance of your saddle and other leather products that you use for your horse.

Maintenance of your saddle

By maintaining your leather saddle properly, you extend its lifespan significantly. For optimal care, start by cleaning your saddle properly. This is done with leather soap, also known as saddle soap.
By removing any loose parts from your saddle, such as the stirrup straps, stirrups and girths, you can clean all parts thoroughly. The leather soap removes all the dirt, grease and sweat from your saddle. Use water sparingly. Too much water can make the leather feel rigid.
Once your saddle or other leather products have dried sufficiently, you can continue with the rest of the care. Do not dry it by heating. This will dry the leather out.
Then treat your dry saddle with a leather cream, leather oil or leather fat. Do not use these products to clean your saddle! They are maintenance products and not cleaning products.

Wide choice at MHS

In our web shop, you will find a wide range of leather care products. Rub the leather care product in well with a soft cloth and allow it to be absorbed thoroughly. Good rubbing gives a better result than a thick application. After being absorbed, rub once more with a clean dry cloth.
It is useful to treat your saddle the day before use. If you then remove your saddle just before use, you can be sure that no excess fat stays behind.
If you use your saddle regularly, repeat this process at least once a month. Make use of a saddle cover, to protect your saddle from damage and dust.

Advice and fast delivery

Need more information about which care product is best for you? Ask our advice. We'll be happy to hear from you! And if you have ordered the product of your choice before 17:00, we will ensure that it ships to you the same day.