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Beginner's Sets Horse

To ensure a good start you will find special starter sets at MHS Equestrian. Sets consisting of a saddle, stirrups, stirrup leathers, a girth and a bridle (including bit and reins).

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Good and complete from scratch with a MHS starter set

If you have just started riding, you will need everything. Both for yourself and for your horse. To give you a good start, MHS has developed special starter sets. This is a complete saddle set that gets you started right away. The set consists of high-quality products at an attractive price. Below you will discover what you get in your set.


A good saddle is important for both yourself and your horse! For you, you have to sit comfortably and have support. For your horse, the saddle should be perfectly positioned and not chaff anywhere. A poorly seated saddle can cause back pain, painful pressure points and cramping of your horse's muscles. Naturally, you want to avoid that at all times. You want a good start with your horse! The versatility saddle in our saddle set has a good fit and a deep seat. This allows you and your horse to ride safely and comfortably.


The starter set is equipped with safety stirrups. You need these stirrups when riding your horse, but they also offer comfort, safety, and stability. Your feet are supported while riding and the stirrups help improve your posture while riding.

Stirrup straps

Stirrup straps are the straps that connect your stirrup braces to your saddle. You will receive a synthetic version. This has a long life and is very easy to maintain.


The girth ensures that your horse's saddle stays properly in place. You cannot do without it and the girth is, therefore, part of your starter set. Girths are available in different materials. The starter set has a neoprene girth. A soft and flexible material that is comfortable for your horse.


A suitable fitting bridle is an essential part of your starter set. It ensures the connection and communication between you and your horse while riding.