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If you regularly notice that the saddle slides back while riding, a vehicle is a must to own. The main function of this auxiliary rein is to prevent a saddle from sliding backwards. This is nice for yourself as a rider, because it is quite a shock when your saddle suddenly starts to slide. Thanks to vehicles you sit just a bit more comfortably on your horse. But a constantly sliding saddle is not good for your horse either. If you want to order a vehicle, this can be done quickly and easily via our online store.

When do I use a vehicle?

When you walk in a calm way with a horse, the chances are not that your saddle will suddenly slide backwards. However, there are situations in which this is more likely. For example, if you regularly go hiking with your horses in the mountains, there will be particularly steep hills that you will be walking. The more you go, the greater the chance that your saddle will slide. But your saddle can also slide backwards while jumping. By means of a breastplate you prevent your saddle from sliding backwards. As a rider, you will not only sit more comfortably on your horse, but it is also nice for your horse that the saddle stays in place. An improperly fitting and continuously sliding saddle can have various negative consequences for the animal, from back complaints to too much pressure on the lower abdomen. That's why you choose a vehicle. With us you can choose from various suitable training aids for your horse. You are guaranteed an excellent price - quality ratio and excellent conditions for the customer.