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One of the training aids that you can choose is a draw reins. If you want to order a draw reins, you have come to the right place at our webshop. Here you will find everything you need in the field of draw reins. That is why we are the number 1 in the field of horse gear for many enthusiasts. A draw reins is recommended because it is a versatile aid. This way you can use it both while driving and while lunging. It offers you an extra way to guide your horse.

How do you use a draw reins?

It has already been mentioned above that this type of rein is particularly versatile, and that you can use it during several moments. This rein can be used while lunging as well as while riding. It is important that you as a rider already have some experience with this, so that you can guide your horse properly. This extra rein is attached under the girth. This rein mainly affects your horse's head. The tighter you keep it, the more the head will go down. With us you will find everything you need in this area. You can choose from the best brands of the moment. In addition, variations are possible in terms of dimensions, colors, materials and more. Despite the wide range, we guarantee that every product is of a high quality. However, you do not have to pay the main price for this, because everything in our webshop is for sale for a low price. Combine this with the excellent conditions for the customer, and you will understand why MHS Equestrian is the number 1 online for anyone looking for equipment for his or her horse.