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If you want to be sure that lunging is performed optimally, you use a lunging aid. Help during lunging ensures that the exercises can be performed perfectly, which is best for your horse in the long term. After all, during lunging you lay a foundation that your horse will benefit from for years to come. Whatever types of lunging aids you need, you will find everything you are looking for within the wide range of our online shop.

When do I use a lunging aid?

When you have completed the groundwork, you can start lunging. This form of training consists of various exercises that are aimed at allowing the horse to make optimal use of his or her body. You can think of walking in the correct posture. It is therefore the ideal preparation for riding your horse. It is also good training for your horse's body, and lunging also strengthens the bond of trust. Your horse will benefit from what it learned while lunging for years to come. However, you cannot perform lunging alone. That is why you use a lunging aid to ensure that everything can be performed as optimally as possible. Whatever you are looking for in this area, you will find it in our webshop. There are many variants within our wide range, so that there is something for everyone. Here you can choose from the best-known brands of the moment, where you can vary in terms of color, dimensions and materials. You will find everything you need with us. Need advice? In that case you can also contact us.