Triangle rein

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While lunging, an ideal body position for your horse is very important, and a triangle bridle can help you achieve this. Triangle reins are a variant of the normal side reins that give the horse more space to move. This specifically concerns forward or downward movements. With side reins this is a lot more complicated for a horse. If you want to order a triangle rein, you will find everything you need within our wide range.

Why are you using a triangle rein?

While lunging you can teach your horse many facets of horse riding. It is important that your horse not only learns to walk well, but that this is also carried out in the correct posture. A triangle brace can help with this. Specifically, this type of rein aids in handling the bit. While riding you can steer your horse and give instructions using a bit. It is important that a horse holds this correctly in his or her mouth. This rein can help with this. In addition, this type of rein can help with the correct positioning of your horse's head. This way you help your horse to walk in a natural position. Such an accessory is therefore indispensable in your collection of horse equipment. Especially when you regularly lunge with your horse, you can use this type of rein. However, it is a tool that you must use in the right way, otherwise things will still go wrong. Nevertheless, you and your horse will benefit greatly from this type of rein. Everything you need in this area can be found within the range of MHS Equestrian.