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Imperial Riding Bomber jacket Funny Facts

Cool bomber jacket in functional material, detachable hood with synthetic fur
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Imperial Riding Bomber jacket Funny Facts
Imperial Riding Bomber jacket Funny Facts

Cool bomber jacket made of functional material,
Detachable hood with synthetic fur (We only use animal-friendly imitation fur. The fur to to trim is removable for easy cleaning.) With 2-way zipper incl. Wind protection at the front. Outer jacket and lining in technical fabric. The jacket has a closable outer pocket and also has a closable inner pocket for your mobile phone. On the front, this jacket has a sparkling silver Imperial Riding logo. Even when we don't play sports at all, our body generates heat and we start to sweat. A healthy adult produces an average of 200 to 700 ml of sweat daily. Obviously this is higher when you exercise sheet sheet. To keep our body temperature at a comfortable level and to keep the level of sweat on the skin as low as possible, a jacket must have good ventilation phead-head-roperties as well as good breathability. The material of the Funny Facts bomber jacket can absorb up to 1000g of moisture per square meter within 24 hours and has the ability to transfer it to the outside. According to an ISO standard, waterproof textiles must have a water column of at least 1300 mm. In a laboratory, a tube is placed on a sample of the tissue to be examined and the tube is then filled with water. This process controls what water level the fabric penetrates. This means that if the water only penetrates the fabric by more than 1,300 mm, the material is considered waterproof. The Funny Facts bomber jacket only lets water through from 3,000 mm.

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