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Imperial Riding Halter Nylon Foal with buckles

Nylon foal halter, adjustable on three places.
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Nylon foal halter, adjustable on three places, under the chin, under the jaw and on the crownpiece.

With buckle closures and burnholes. Width: 20mm. With nickel fittings.

Size chart

Nose circumference (A) Measure the circumference of the nose where the halter sits.
Head circumference (B) Measure from the point where the halter sits around the nose behind the ears along back to the nose.

Pay attention! Make sure there is a little slack so that the halter does not get too tight.

Order size
Nose circumference (A) Head circumference (B)
Foal45 cm - 50 cm 1'5" - 1'7" 17.7" - 19.7"70 cm - 82 cm 2'3" - 2'8" 27.6" - 32.3"
Order size Foal
Nose circumference (A) 45 cm - 50 cm Nose circumference (A) 1'5" - 1'7" Nose circumference (A) 17.7" - 19.7"
Head circumference (B) 70 cm - 82 cm Head circumference (B) 2'3" - 2'8" Head circumference (B) 27.6" - 32.3"

All sizes in the size chart are measured with the greatest possible care. It is possible that the sizes differ slightly from the actual product. You cannot derive any rights from this size chart.

Maintenance of your nylon halters and halter ropes

Washing machine
if you want to wash nylon halters and / or ropes in the washing machine then choose not to wash them too warm (preferably max 30 ° Celsius). To prevent damage to your washing machine, place the halters and ropes in a pillowcase and tie them with rope or elastic. Be careful with scented soap and / or detergent in connection with the risk of allergic reactions.