Leovet Mane-Liquid 500 ml


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Product information

This Leovet mane-liquid is an effective counter measure in case of chafing and flaking.
It ensures that the biological processes of the skin are restored so the hair will soon grows back, healthy and shiny. When the skin is broken by excessive chafing we recommend using Leovet organic skin oil first, until the skin is sufficiently recovered.  Mane-liquid can sting when applied onto broken skin.

How to use:

Massage in the mane and / or tail. Do not use on wounded skin or wounds because it may sting.

 Extra information:

- Easy to dose
- Is anti-itch
- Against itching, chafing and chips

Product features

Treatment AreaTail and Mane

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About Leovet

Leovet's products arose from personal interests, scientifically and from customer questions with the background from the pharmacy that Ulf Jacoby took over from his parents. His vision: the better health the horse has, the less work for the rider. This philosopher has been the idea from the beginning.