MHS Leather Halter Luxury

Very luxurious leather halter with extra chic finishes and details.
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Very luxurious leather halter with extra chic finishes and details. This chic halter is made from high-quality and beautifully supple leather. More than adjustable. Available in different color combinations and sizes. For advice and sizes see our size chart. Extra information: Wonderfully smooth, high quality leather Extra chic finish More than adjustable on the head piece and under the nose With throat strap closure
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Maintenance of your leather bridles and bridles

When you have purchased a new leather bridle or halter, it can still be a bit stiff. Many people start immediately with greasing, but you should NOT do this. Just like a new leather halter, the leather is still untreated and the leather pores are still open. When you use leather grease, you close it and ensure that it will remain stiff. The correct way is to first treat your leather halter or bridle with leather oil. The best thing is to leave your bridle or halter in a bowl of oil overnight, but that will cost you a lot of oil. The other way is to thoroughly oil your bridle or halter with a brush. Make sure you hit all the spots and draw the oil in well. Let this withdraw overnight. The next morning you can brush the bridle or halter with a dry (tea) cloth. If you have polished the bridle or halter, you can grease it with leather fat. This is how you close the leather pores while the oil is still in it. In this way your halter or bridle will stay beautiful and smooth for a very long time. & Nbsp;

With leather bridles and halters you must clean and care for them at least once a month with regular use. If you drive a lot in the open air and also with intensive use, we recommend that you do this more often. Properly maintaining the leather ensures that the product lasts longer. Alternating leather fat and oil is recommended. & Nbsp;

Step 1

Release all closures and take the entire halter or bridle apart. Use a dry cloth or brush (do not use a brush with very hard hair) to remove any sand or larger pieces of dirt.

Step 2

Choose a suitable leather soap (or spray) and clean all loose parts thoroughly. Do not use too much water because this can stiffen the leather and this is not good for the stitching. After this step let the leather dry well, this is best at room temperature.

Step 3

Now that the leather is dry you can get started with leather balm, fat or a conditioner. Use grease for normal maintenance. It is best to use oil when the leather is very dry. Rub the product well with a soft cloth (use a brush for oil). The end result will be better if you rub it in well.

Step 4

Then let it absorb well and spread it out with a clean, dry cloth. Just be careful that this cloth does not fluff. When you're done with this and the care product is completely retracted into the leather, you can reassemble the halter or bridle.


    < li> Store leather products in a well-ventilated and dry area. It is not bad when it gets cold, this can do no harm to leather.
  • Don't give bacteria a chance to damage the leather by thoroughly cleaning your bridle (sweat residues) and the bit (foam residues) after use .
  • When you treat your bridle one day before use, give the care product sufficient time to retract.
  • With a new leather product, first treat with leather oil and then with leather grease, otherwise you close the leather pores and both products can no longer properly treat the leather.
  • Use leather care products only for genuine leather. Artificial leather, patent leather and leather with a plastic layer can be damaged as a result.
  • When a leather product is decorated with stones you only have to wipe this part with a damp cloth.