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Care for healthy and strong hooves

If you have a horse, you regularly visit the blacksmith to check the hooves, but in between you are responsible for this care. And just as you like to walk in comfortable shoes and maintain your nails, it is just as nice for a horse that the hooves are well maintained. That is why at MHS Equestrian we sell a number of accessories with which you keep your friend's feet in optimal condition until the next visit to the blacksmith.

Care of the hooves

View our range of care products for your horse's hooves, such as the large amount of hoof scrapers. You use these daily to properly remove the hooves and to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. A hoof scraper contains a handy brush and an iron piece for the more difficult to dilute dirt. We sell Hoof Wax: a cream that you apply to your horse's hooves and that contains herbs and oils. This promotes growth and reduces the chance that they will dry out or crumble. With the care products from MHS Equestrian your horse has healthy feet. Contact us for more advice in the field of hoof care.