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BR Performance

BR Performance for horses is part of the BR (Bieman Riding) brand, founded in 1988. The brand has now gained widespread fame and is synonymous with quality in the world of equestrian sports. Why? BR is all about horses, stable life, friendship and everything that coincides with this. If you want to practice equestrian sports safely, you must equip yourself and your horse well. BR supplies products with style that are also extremely functional, with an eye for the material, the fit and every little detail.

What can BR Performance do for me?

BR Performance for your horse equals quality and functionality. This way you can equip your horse with special saddle pads and tendon boots. The range of bits, leather and care products is also large. For riders there is footwear, competition clothing and sheepskin items. BR is about being together with your horse and forming a bond with your mount. The bond that a person can form with a horse is one of the strongest in the world.