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For best health, use devil's claw for your horse

The devil's claw for the horse is a supplement that you can add to the regular diet. It helps to relax the joints and thus also to improve the full mobility of your horse. Devil's claw in horse food comes from the desert in South Africa. It is a plant, but the active substances are extracted from the root tubers. Devil's claw helps your horse against common problems that your horse can encounter during aging.

The devil's claw for the horse at MHS Equestrian

The devil's claw for horses at MHS Equestrian comes in a powder and liquid form and features a full blend of herbs. Devil's claw contains procumboside and harpagoside and these two substances promote and relax the movement of the horse. Devil's claw can be used for a long time on horses, but it is important to know that there are two exceptions to this. The herb is counterproductive for pregnant mares and it is also against the rules to use this herb during a competition.