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The positive effect of monk's pepper on your horse and the hormonal cycle

Monk's Pepper for the Horse is a supplement that helps to calm the side effects of the hormonal cycle of mares. The supplement focuses on the real cause of the problem and that is the mood swings. Just like stallions, mares are also very sensitive to stress and monk's pepper helps horses to calm these expressions. A horse that suffers extremely from hormonal fluctuations has to deal with aggression, hypersensitivity, extreme mood swings and a disruption in performance. In addition, the position of the saddle for mares can cause painful pressure on the ovaries. The monk's pepper helps the horse to reduce pain.

The reliable monk's pepper for the horse in the MHS Equestrian range

At MHS Equestrian it is important to offer a monk's pepper for your horse that works thanks to the best ingredients. One of the secondary ingredients is primal stress. The combination of primordial stress with monk's pepper helps horses to keep hormone levels in balance. In addition, they are both biological products that also help against common tension in the muscles. Monk's Pepper for Horses is a supplement that can be fed daily during the spring and summer time and can be used all year round if needed.