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Seaweed makes your horse shine

Seaweed is familiar to all of us, but seaweed for horses sounds like a surprising combination to some. Seaweed for the horse is one of the most natural and richest sources of supplements. It is full of various substances such as amino acids, minerals and trace elements that extremely promote the resistance of your horse. The seaweed makes your horse shine by helping to improve the structure of the coat, giving it more shine and even a deeper color.

The sight for the horse in the MHS Equestrian collection

Seaweed helps your horse not only shine from the inside. Thanks to the various substances contained in seaweed, it promotes your horse's overall immune system. The boost of seaweed gives your horse a positive effect on the performance, appearance and vitality, which are all three very important points when it comes to health and aging. Seaweed is therefore a real must in the diet for the horse.