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Respiratory System

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  1. ECOstyle LongVital
    ECOstyle LongVital
  2. Hofman Fenugreek (fenugreek)
    Hofman Fenugreek (fenugreek)
  3. Hofman HMP Horse
    Hofman HMP Horse
  6. Rapide Rappo Foenegriek
    Rapide Rappo Foenegriek
  7. Sectolin Feneknofmix
    Sectolin Feneknofmix
  8. Sectolin Fenugreek
    Sectolin Fenugreek
  9. Sectolin Montana Bronchial Herb
    Sectolin Montana Bronchial Herb
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Healthy respiratory system with the supplements of MHS Equestrian

At MHS Equestrian we sell nutritional supplements to support healthy airways and therefore good breathing for your horse. Not only is this good for race and show jumpers, but every horse benefits from good breathing. Healthy airways for horses are important for breathing and for the absorption of oxygen. This means that the muscles remain in optimal condition and that your horse builds up a healthy resistance against viruses and infections. Healthy airways therefore ensure a healthy horse.

Soothe your horse's airways

With the respiratory tract vitamins for horses from MHS Equestrian you prevent your horse from getting sick. It no longer suffers from an itchy throat, an overreaction of the mucous membrane or an unhealthy nasal discharge. Make sure your horse is outside enough, that it has a clean stable and that your horse moves a lot. That helps stimulate breathing. Our dietary supplements contain herbs such as eucalyptus, fennel, anise and peppermint. These help relieve itching in the throat, dust allergies or colds. Your horse can get rid of his or her mucus again, breathe freely and take in enough oxygen. A healthy horse is a happy horse.