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Wound Care

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  1. £29.35
  2. Vetericyn Plus Hydro Gel
    Vetericyn Plus Hydro Gel
  3. Vetericyn
  4. Tea tree oil spray lotion
    Tea tree oil spray lotion
  5. Sectolin Dermiel salve
    Sectolin Dermiel salve
  6. Hofman Wound spray Blank
    Hofman Wound spray Blank
  7. Secto Flex Wrap
    Secto Flex Wrap
  8. Gamgee Cotton
    Gamgee Cotton
  9. Animalintex
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A wound? No problem with good wound care

It happens regularly that horses somehow hurt themselves and good wound care is essential. If the wound does not need to be stitched and therefore no vet has to be added, you can do this yourself with the products of MHS Equestrian . If the wound needs to be stitched, do not forget that this must be done within 3 hours and that you contact the vet immediately. And always check the stable or pasture for the cause of the injury. Perhaps something has broken down to prevent injuries in the future. Good wound care for your horse will get him or her back on top quickly.

The wound care products of MHS Equestrian

At MHS Equestrian you will find everything you need for wound care of horses and wound care for your pony. Think for example of a wound spray or ointment for superficial wounds. These aid the healing process and fight infection. You first clean the wound well with running water, make sure it is dry and apply the cream. We also have wound care products for rough or sensitive skin, mug or eczema.