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PFIFF lead head-head-rope with name tag

This lead head-head-rope is made of particularly sturdy woven material.
Expected delivery time 1-10 working days
As low as £11.71
Securing and lead head-head-rope made of sturdy material with panic hook. Suppose the horse hangs on the head-head-rope, it can be quickly and easily released by the panic hook. There is a clip with the name on it. Available in multiple colors.
Size chart

Nose circumference (A) Measure the circumference of the nose where the halter sits.
Head circumference (B) Measure from the point where the halter sits around the nose behind the ears along back to the nose.

Pay attention! Make sure there is a little slack so that the halter does not get too tight.

Order size
Nose circumference (A) Head circumference (B)
210- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -
Order size 210
Nose circumference (A) - - - Nose circumference (A) - - - Nose circumference (A) - - -
Head circumference (B) - - - Head circumference (B) - - - Head circumference (B) - - -

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