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QHP Watertrens stainless steel Silver

A snaffle bit is the most simple bit and is accepted well by most horses. The single-jointed mouthpiece is stable in the horses mouth and puts pressure mainly on the layers. Stainless steel won't rust and is very durable.Sizes: 10,5 - 11,5 - 12,5 -13,5 - 14,5
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A loose ring is the simplest bit and is accepted by most horses. The single-jointed mouthpiece ensures a stable position and acts on the layers. Stainless steel has the advantage that it is not rust and durable. The mouthpiece thickness is 17 mm

Product features
Bit LeveragaNo
Size chart

Width (A) Width of the mouthpiece
Thickness (B) Thickness of the mouthpiece

Order size
Width (A) Thickness (B)
10,510.5 cm 0'4.1" 4.1"- - -
9,59.5 cm 0'3.7" 3.7"- - -
Order size 10,5
Width (A) 10.5 cm Width (A) 0'4.1" Width (A) 4.1"
Thickness (B) - Thickness (B) - Thickness (B) -
Order size 9,5
Width (A) 9.5 cm Width (A) 0'3.7" Width (A) 3.7"
Thickness (B) - Thickness (B) - Thickness (B) -

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