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Finding the correct competition breeche

If you go to a competition, or competition, as a rider, you are obliged to adhere to a dress code and this includes official competition pants. In most cases, the rule is that you must wear a light colored breeches during competitions. Usually this is a white or cream color. Also in competition trousers you have a choice of riding breeches with or without a seat and in different fabrics. Always inquire about the special requirements imposed by the competition in the regulations to ensure that you are wearing the correct model.

Large selection of competition trousers at MHS Equestrian

Each competition imposes its own requirements when it comes to competition pants. We at MHS Equestrian therefore ensure that you can contact us if you need to buy competition pants. We have these in all kinds of different materials and colors. You can choose between competition pants with a silicone seat or knee patch, a leather seat or a microfiber seat. In addition, a sweatpants cover up may be a handy accessory to ensure that your white breeches stay clean before you have to enter the ring.