QHP breeches

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QHP riding breeches

What distinguishes the QHP breeches from other breeches? The range of riding breeches at WMS Equestrian is wide. QHP has breeches for adults, but also for children. Cotton is the main material for the trousers, although Elastane provides stretch. You will also find trousers with a special seat, for example made of artificial leather, which provides extra grip. Nylon is also an important material. This ensures comfort for the wearer, among other things.

Which QHP riding breeches are right for me?

QHP riding breeches are really indispensable while riding. Good riding breeches ensure that you have a grip on your saddle and that your legs remain protected against abrasion. With normal trousers this protection is missing and the driving pleasure is soon lost. You have pants that are made for training and special luxury models for competitions. At MHS Equestrian you will find a wide selection of QHP riding pants. QHP riding breeches can be made of different fabrics, but will breathe well and fit your figure.