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Riding breeches for men: protection, comfort and style in one

If you need riding breeches for men, then you have come to the right place at MHS Equestrian. Good riding breeches must meet a number of requirements. Of course it should look good and fit neatly, but style is not the only requirement. Riding breeches are breathable, stretchable, have a great fit and are reinforced in places where you sand a lot. It is designed to prevent injuries so that you can fully enjoy your hobby and time with your horse. Good riding breeches are therefore at home in all markets.

Optimal protection with riding breeches for men

One of the main goals of a good pair of riding breeches is to give you protection while riding. Because you repeatedly make the same movement, chafing marks can form on your buttocks and on the inside of your legs. Riding breeches prevents this because they are provided with reinforcement in those places. A silicone seat or silicone knee pads are then ideal and improve comfort. Another function of the riding breeches is to give you a better grip and therefore you ride more easily.

The riding breeches from MHS Equestrian

In our range of men's breeches you will find a suitable product for everyone. The pants are of good quality, made of the best breathable and stretchable materials and have a nice fit. With us you can buy riding breeches for men of all well-known brands and you will sit stylishly and optimally protected on your horse.