Thermal horse riding breeche

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Never get cold again while riding in the winter days with a thermal riding breeches

During the winter days it is important to be warmly dressed on your horse, so thermo riding pants are a must in your closet. Temperatures can drop considerably during the winter. On such days it is important not only for your horse, but also for yourself, that you stay warm while riding. The thermo riding breeches are the perfect solution as they will keep you warm from start to finish. In addition, it is also perfect to wear during a winter outdoor ride as it provides protection against both the low temperature and the fresh winter wind.

You will find the perfect thermo riding breeches at MHS Equestrian

The thermo riding breeches in the MHS equestrian range are quilted pants with a suede seat and the zipper is located on the side. The thermo riding breeches are generally wider in shape so that they give you enough room to move while riding. However, the wider fit is still closed enough around your body so that you remain stable on your saddle. The riding breeches in thermo are not only ideal for use while riding, but also while working in the stables, the model offers you enough warmth during the cold winter days.