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Stay nice and warm during cold temperatures with a thermal riding legging

In winter days you do not want to suffer from cold while driving, therefore the thermo riding leggings are the perfect solution to purchase. Temperatures can get quite cold in winter. At this time it is not only important for your horse, but also for yourself, that you do not get hypothermic while riding. Thermo riding tights therefore offer the perfect solution as they will keep you warm both during and after riding. In addition, it is also perfect to wear during a winter outdoor ride or for those who only have an outer box at their disposal as it will also protect you against the fresh winter wind.

The comfort behind the thermal riding leggings at MHS Equestrian

At MHS equestrian we know how important it is to sit comfortably on your horse. This can sometimes be difficult in the winter as you quickly have to ride with different layers of clothing to keep yourself warm. In most cases, this ensures less freedom of movement, which ultimately affects your driving performance. Riding tights with thermo not only keep you warm, but thanks to the soft fitting model made of elastic material, it feels like a second skin. The thermal riding leggings at MHS Equestrian are available in a glossy silicone print or a silicone FullGrip as a grip surface.