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Breeches are indispensable when you go horse riding. The pants are specially made for when driving, give grip and offer protection.

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Wide selection of riding pants

A pair of riding pants is an indispensable item of clothing that you wear while riding. These pants are specially made for riding during training and competitions. The trousers ensure that you sit properly on the saddle and your legs are protected against abrasion while riding. With normal pants this can quickly feel painful and that takes away some of the driving pleasure.

Various models and sizes

You will find good riding pants at MHS Equestrian. We offer an extensive collection of trousers in various models and different sizes. You can come to us for riding pants for a child or adult. We also offer trousers designed specifically for men or women.

Choose a well-fitting pair of pants

A pair of riding pants can be made from different types of fabric. Regardless of which material you choose, it is important that the fabric breathes well and that the pants fit well. If the fabric is partly natural, this promotes the breathability of the fabric. However, these fabrics are often combined with a stretchable fabric so that the riding breeches also fit nicely with your figure. Riding breeches are generally tightly fitting around your body because it is the most comfortable ride.

Extra sturdy in certain places

Riding breeches are provided with reinforced parts so that they wear less quickly at the places where they rub the hardest against the horse or saddle. The extra reinforcements can therefore often be found at the seat, on the inside of the legs and on the inside of the knees. Leather, suede or another strong material is used for reinforcements.

The extra reinforcements not only ensure that the pants wear less quickly. You also have more grip while driving and you protect your legs and seat against abrasion.