Rain pants horse riding

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Protect your legs from rain by wearing rain pants while riding

Thanks to the special rain pants for riding, you can take a ride outside without any worries when it suits you. Nothing is more fun than going out in nature with your horse, but the weather forecast can sometimes be disappointing. Riding in rain pants as we normally know them is not very effective for a rider, but fortunately there is a solution.

The effective idea behind the special rain pants for riding

The rain pants that you can find at MHS Equestrian are an innovative design. Since the rider has always been protected from waterproof boots to the knee thanks to the riding boots, it is unnecessary to put on full trousers. The rain pants are made of water-repellent material and tie around your thigh. While riding in these rain pants you stay protected against the drops, but your pants do not make unwanted noises that your horse does not like.