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Always dry on your horse because of the raincoat for the equestrian

Thanks to the efficient raincoat, the rider stays dry even through a heavy rain shower. It is wonderful to go on an outdoor ride with your horse, but there is always a chance of a sudden rain shower and in that case you choose to wear a raincoat as a rider. There are a number of raincoat designs for the rider that are very effective thanks to small details.

The effective idea behind this raincoat for the rider

One of the raincoat for the rider in our range at MHS Equestrian is the BR raincoat. This design is made with quality materials that ensure that your jacket remains waterproof up to 3000 mm of rainfall. It has an extra higher collar so that the rain does not get inside the jacket. This raincoat has a waistband and comes to the knees so that your thighs also have protection during