Waterproof jacket horse riding

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The advantage of a waterproof jacket for riding

The chance of rain is always present which is why a waterproof jacket for hot riding is a must. Especially if you as a rider only have an outdoor arena, a waterproof jacket helps to prevent catching a cold in case of rain while riding. Waterproof jackets for riding have an efficient design so that you as a rider are still comfortable on your horse.

Optimal protection by the waterproof jacket while riding

The waterproof jackets for riding are designed down to the finest details so that you can continue to enjoy your riding training undisturbed. The waterproof jacket for riding has a detachable hood so you can use it both on the horse and in and around the stables. The extra high collar ensures that rain does not get into your jacket and the sleeves with elastic and Velcro ensure that your sleeves do not get in the way when you have the reins in your hands.