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You can buy a pair of waterproof riding gloves at MHS Equestrian

If you go out a lot with your horse, then a pair of waterproof riding gloves is not a superfluous luxury. These are not only intended to keep your hands warm while driving, but also to protect them and give you a better grip. Opt for waterproof gloves and they will keep your hands dry in rain and other precipitation. You need your gloves every season and that means investing in a quality pair.

The waterproof riding gloves from MHS Equestrian

Our range of waterproof riding gloves has been carefully put together. We offer products for men, women and children and these are available in various sizes. Then you choose summer or winter riding gloves and that choice depends on when you want to use them. If you want to wear them all year round, check out our selection of all year riding gloves. Of course we also have regular riding gloves in addition to waterproof gloves. All our gloves are of good quality and a breathable material, so that your hands do not sweat even in summer.

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If you want to buy waterproof riding gloves, then you've come to the right place at MHS Equestrian. We have products for everyone, for every occasion and for every budget. You will certainly find a pair of comfortable gloves with which you can optimally protect your hands against the weather conditions and against pulling the reins.