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More grip and protection with a pair of summer riding gloves

At MHS Equestrian we know better than anyone how important it is to have a good grip on the reins when you are riding and that is why we offer summer riding gloves. Not only does this give you perfect control over your horse, it also gives you more confidence. Riding gloves are therefore also a perfect addition to your equipment in the summer. White gloves fit perfectly with your dressage outfit during a competition. At MHS Equestrian we offer riding gloves for the summer in a variety of colors, so that you don't have to lose control of your horse in the meadow, paddock and during an outdoor ride. At the same time, you still look stylish too.

The summer riding gloves from MHS Equestrian

In our wide range you will find summer riding gloves that suit your taste, your goal and your budget. There are cotton gloves or leather gloves. Cotton is a material that has been the best over the counter for many years, but with leather gloves you have more grip and therefore a better feeling remains. We also offer riding gloves made of synthetic leather with a fabric upper. This way your hands stay cool, you can move them well and the grip on the reins is optimal.