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With a boot tensioner, your riding boots will stay beautiful for longer

If you have a nice pair of leather riding boots, it is wise to also purchase a boot tensioner. These tensioners ensure that your boots stay in shape while you are not using them and have them stored. If you've invested a lot in leather boots, these can last a particularly long time if you take good care of them. And that means that you keep the leather clean, grease it and store the boots in a tensioner. When you take them back for the day, your boots have no wrinkles and folds and they look perfect.

A boot tensioner from MHS Equestrian

Buy a tensioner from us and you know that your boots will always look their best. The tensioner is also very useful if you are greasing your boots or treating them with a waterproof spray. It is much easier when these are placed in a tensioner. You can see from our range of boot tensioners that these products are not expensive, but they do save you money by keeping your boots good for longer.

MHS Equestrian for quality and affordability

At MHS Equestrian you can buy a boot tensioner with which you can neatly store your boots. This one has a special asymmetrical shape, because the front and back of the boot are different. In addition, the plastic is perforated, which is better for the leather.