Imperial Riding horse riding boots

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Imperial Riding riding boots

At MHS Equestrian you will find a good and wide selection of Imperial Riding riding boots. Riding boots are just like regular shoes: they cannot be all exactly the same, because every foot is different. In addition, there are different types of closures (often laces at the front and a zipper at the back) to make them easy to put on and take off. With the help of Imperial Riding riding boots you will soon be firmly and confidently in the saddle.

Which Imperial Riding riding boots are right for me?

Imperial Riding has leather riding boots, but also riding boots with a special shape for the calf. If you love fancy, you can opt for bright laces. If you're more into classic boots, black on black is the best combination. Some Imperial Riding riding boots have a non-slip layer on the calves, which provides an improved grip. There are also boots especially for children. These are slightly smaller in size and have a nice look. Riding boots are usually made of leather, rubber or with thermal material if you quickly suffer from cold feet. In short: Imperial Riding has something for every rider.