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Comfortable and warm riding socks for men

Riding socks for men are not only meant to keep your feet nice and warm. This is of course a nice side effect, but special riding socks are designed to prevent blistering in your boots. You wear them over your riding pants so that they do not pull up while riding. In addition, men's riding socks are extra padded at the toes, at the heel and at the ball of the foot, so that they provide reinforcement there. There are long and short riding socks and in our extensive and high-quality range you will find everything you need.

Riding socks for men

By investing in a good pair of riding socks for men you ensure that you can carry out your hobby undisturbed. You will have less pain in your feet, your feet will stay nice and warm, the sock will not drop down and your pants will stay in place while driving. The socks we sell are all dimensionally stable and fit perfectly. Your feet and calves are neatly and securely wrapped.

Our assortment

If you want to buy riding socks for men, then you've come to the right place. We also offer socks for women and children and you can choose from different sizes and colors. Our range is composed with the Dutch climate and the Dutch rider as a starting point. This results in an excellent price / quality ratio and products that really benefit you.