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Tracks are for situations where the horse does not respond well to your commands. If you want to attach spurs to your riding boots, you need spur straps. These straps ensure that your spurs are securely tied and do not move or fall off. Not all tracks are automatically fitted with straps, so it is good to check if these are included or not. With us you will find belts in all kinds of colors and sizes, so that they match your boot and your taste. In addition, we also offer track protectors, so that your boots do not get damaged when you use your tracks.

Different track straps

If you go through our range, you will see that you can order all kinds of track belts from us. There are leather and nylon belts, with a diamond, an image or just a buckle, thick and thin belts and belts in a variety of colors. We also have products for children. With beautiful belts you complete your outfit, so it is always good to think about that. They should match your boots, your spurs, and your overall equipment.

Take your time to browse our range

It is best to go through our range and think carefully about which track belts you want to buy. Don't forget to also consider a track protector, so that your boots don't get damaged.