Summer yard boots

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Stable shoes for the summer: light, comfortable and protective

Stable shoes for the summer are indispensable for your work in and around your horse's stable. These shoes protect your feet by providing support where necessary. In addition, they are strong and corrosive substances such as urine will not quickly damage them. Most stable shoes also have a reinforced toe box in case something falls on your toes. You can recognize summer stable shoes because they are thinner and lighter than winter stable shoes.

Stable shoes for the summer

The main function of stable shoes is to protect your feet. You do not dredge with your beautiful leather riding boots through the dirty hay of your horse, you need other shoes for that. That is why stable shoes are strong, supportive and waterproof. These practical features are of course very useful, but the eye is also important. That is why the stable shoes we offer are stylish. Since they are intended for use in the summer, they breathe well and do not make your feet unnecessarily hot.

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If you want to buy summer stable shoes, go through our extensive range until you find what you are looking for. Your favorite brand is bound to be there and because our range is large, you will certainly find a pair of shoes in your price range. We offer stable shoes for men, women and children and in various sizes and materials. So take your time, take a look at our offer and you are sure to find the perfect pair of shoes for you.