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Warm riding boot

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Warm through the winter with a warm riding boot

With a warm riding boot your foot stays warm even during the cold temperatures. Nothing is more annoying than riding with cold or even frozen toes, which is why warm riding boots offer a real solution. Thanks to the warm imitation bond lining, the shoe fits comfortably and softly around the calf and you stay warm from your toe to your knee. The warm riding boot also ensures that you can do your odd jobs undisturbed for the work around the stables.

At MHS Equestrian you will find a warm riding boot that fits your foot

At MHS Equestrian we offer different brands of warm riding boots. The overall design of the shoe is robust but as soon as you put the shoe on you will see that it fits snugly around your calf and foot thanks to the Velcro and laces. The imitation bond on the inside ensures that the riding boots stay warm on the inside but still provide ventilation for your foot.