Waterproof spray

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Dry feet while driving with waterproof spray

As a rider you always need an aerosol with waterproof spray to treat your shoes and clothing. Equestrian sports are often performed outside, which means that you will have to deal with the changeable Dutch weather. That should not spoil the fun, because horseback riding remains a great hobby even in the rain. With a good spray you make your clothes and shoes waterproof and dirt-resistant. That means that you not only treat it, but also protect it. And that benefits the lifespan.

Waterproof spray for different materials

Many people think that waterproof sprays can only be used on leather, but that is certainly not true. Other materials such as suede, nubuck and textile are also made water-repellent. That means you can use it for almost your entire riding outfit, as well as protecting your horse blankets and other essentials. It is therefore always useful to keep a can of spray in your stable.

Sprays from MHS Equestrian

With us you can buy waterproof spray that makes your clothes and shoes water-repellent, which repels dirt and does not affect the breathability of the material. After two treatments, the effect is best and you can go out carefree, even if a shower is predicted. Horseback riding is usually done outside and with a good water-repellent spray you are prepared for anything.