Winter yard boots

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Work hard even in winter with winter stable shoes

During the chilly winter days, a pair of winter stable shoes is a great pleasure. These padded and waterproof shoes are specifically designed to keep your feet warm and provide support during your work in the stable. The activities around horse riding take up a large part of your time and that means that you walk a lot and work hard. You need special shoes for that and stable shoes are an ideal choice.

Winter stable shoes with lining

Stable shoes for the winter are thicker and have lining. This makes them very comfortable and warm. All our shoes are selected for quality, which means that they are waterproof. Stable shoes are resistant to corrosive substances that you often find in stables, such as urine. You do have to rinse them regularly to remove these substances. In addition, stable shoes also have steel toes and your toes are optimally protected.

Our range of stable shoes

Take your time to browse through our range of stable shoes and if you decide to buy winter stable shoes, you will find what you are looking for with us. We have shoes in different colors, in different materials and in different price ranges. Your favorite brand is probably also there. When the cold weather arrives and you are busy in the stable, you are happy that you have invested in a good pair of stable shoes for warm feet.